Hedgehog Studios

Hedgehog Studios is a creative agency focused around the property industry. Originally started to solely provide interior design, the scope of services provided had grown in tandem with the business itself.

As Hedgehog Studios approached it’s third birthday, it felt like it had hit a turning point for the business. It’s original visual identity was of a business in transition, with elements collected over time and clunk-ily working together. It knew it needed a breath of fresh air to come through and bring everything up to par as a true reflection of the business.

In-came a fundamental re-brand; we took a step back from solely the visual communication and took to the whiteboard collecting thoughts about how the business wants to be seen going forward. Once ironed out, we established a foundation of principles that will be applied to everything regarding the business that follows; covering aspects such as tone of voice, business ethics, and touch-point communication.

From here, creating a visual identity that accurately portrayed the more refined, mature, and established that will be going forward was essential. In collaboration with the Hedgehog team, we create various approaches until one felt perfect.

Rolling out this visual identity was the next step, with a concurrent launch of the identity across the website, socials, documentation and other key touch-points.

Find out more about Hedgehog Studios on their website: Hedgehog Studios.


Interior Design, Creative Agency, Branding, Photography, Video

Services Delivered:

Brand Identity, Brand Consultation, Website Design, Website Development

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