The Old Bakery

The Old Bakery is the latest venture into beautiful shared office spaces throughout Bicester and the surrounding area, created by the team at Point of Difference.

When asked to create a brand identity for the property, we had a few key considerations to take into account.

The property, previously being a bakery, has unique architecture and is a defining quality of it’s identity when using the space. Alongside this, the identity needed to also reflect the modern and high-quality finish of the refurbishment. Finally, the identity also needed to look at home among the Point of Difference portfolio. The underlying theme of the identities throughout the portfolio is using distinct architectural features from the properties.

Alex Addison Design delivered a clean, functional, and beautiful identity which has gone on to be used throughout the property and it’s communication; A joy to work with, the legacy of the property provided ample room to create subtle nods throughout the identity.

You can learn more about The Old Bakery here: Point of Difference Website


Office Space, Modern Workspaces

Services Delivered:

Brand Identity Design

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