The Lark’s Tongue

The Lark’s Tongue is Studio HQ to Mike Spencer, Liz Horsman, and Youthemic Publishing. Over the years, songwriting and production powerhouses Mike Spencer and Liz Horsman, have expanded their work beyond their core offering. Reaching from Youthemic Publishing, which nurtures and develops musical artists, to expanding their songwriting and instrumental team (previously operating under the name LARKS).

As their range of work grew, each part became reputable in it’s own right, but felt disassociated from it’s origins.

With this in mind, the aim of developing The Lark’s Tongue brand became more than giving an identity their beautiful studio, but to encapsulate everything that happens there and what makes it special.

To tackle this challenge, we began our process with a comprehensive brand strategy. Analysing each component of The Lark’s Tongue, assessing it’s current position and how they can work towards the ambitions of the collective brand. Building upon the foundations of the current brands, we established the unified direction The Lark’s Tongue would be taking, and how we intended to approach it.

This led us on to our next key stage, developing the visual identity. The visual identity had to reflect the core values of The Lark’s Tongue, whilst being timeless, functional, and beautiful. Once packaged, it contained the logotype, fonts, colours, textures, images, and how they should all be applied within the brand guidelines.

We then moved onto the communication of the brand; with a primary focus on digital. Here, we designed and developed an easy to navigate website which was chock-full of the brand’s energetic, youthful personality all whilst keeping a level of respected maturity and finesse. During development, we also created an easy-to-use portfolio CMS which The Lark’s Tongue team could quickly update to include their latest releases and projects, which in turn generated individual portfolio pages.

The Lark’s Tongue brand now acts as a single entity for all parties and services, unifying their approach, communication and collective momentum. You can visit their website here: The Lark’s Tongue Website


Music, Music Production, Music Label

Services Delivered:

Brand Identity, Brand Consultation, Website Design, Website Development

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