Claire Croft Associates

Claire Croft provides coaching and training programmes which enable individuals and teams to break down barriers to their potential and enjoy greater business success.

Claire initially approached us to take a look at giving her existing website a facelift. As with every business, given time, her business had evolved in maturity, brand, and services.

Our initial conversations were focused on understanding their current and future brand perceptions, an analysis of the existing website, and what a successful refresh would ultimately look like and achieve.

Once we had ironed out the ambitions for the project, we had to solve how to get there. Whilst Claire’s existing website had a clear visual language and brief content, it no longer served as a true representation of what working with Claire looked or felt like. We took it as our jumping-off point and swiftly moved on to further research.

After analysing competitors, related businesses, and like-minded brands, we collectively assessed user journeys, experiences, and aesthetics, integrating them with our own to establish foundational design principles.

With our fundamentals clearly communicated and in place, we moved on to design. Claire’s brand and marketing is primarily her, so was not strict on what the aesthetics of the site needed to be. Our only notes moving into this stage were to move in a more premium direction without feeling stuffy or too corporate, and keeping a sprinkling of the existing identity throughout. For us, this meant dialling back the broad range of colours used to a more refined palette, curating a new selection of fonts that complimented the styling of the site, and keeping things simple and tasteful.

Through a tight feedback loop, Claire and Alex Addison Design reviewed and amended static prototypes until a clear language and styling were decided upon. As we began to introduce copy, curated by Claire’s copywriter, and photography throughout we ensured the prototype was accommodating for fully responsive design. In our design process, it is always key to ensure a consistent experience for all users across any device.

With the prototype completed, development was a smooth process. We worked closely with the Aquila Labs team, who were able to leverage our renewable-energy-powered cloud server to deliver a well-performing and optimised website in a timely manner.

You can visit Claire Croft Associate’s website here.

PS: On the completion of this project, we planted 100 trees! This is the first step into Alex Addison Design’s conscious effort towards becoming a carbon-positive endeavour. Visit our Ecologi page here!


Business Coaching, Training, Consulting

Services Delivered:

Web Design, Web Development, Light-touch Brand Identity

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